System Modernizations

What good is control system migration without modernization?

Plants used to make most of their decisions on equipment adjustments, process changes, capital allocation and investment planning based on the experience and tribal knowledge of their workforce. As the workforce is growing and reaching retirement age, so are the legacy control systems in manufacturing plants. Obsolescences in your industrial control system threaten unplanned downtime, high repair costs, limited network options, lack of production efficiency, increased production errors and, even, the safety of your workers. Eventually, your plant will need a control system migration.

Control system modernization is your solution

Many manufacturers think the solution to obsolete equipment and software is a control system migration. But why just migrate your legacy control system when you can modernize it and reap more benefits? A modernization project will allow plants to gain global data access, increase network security and functional machine safety, lower error margins and run with better efficiency and productivity. A control system migration project only allows you to swap out old equipment for new with no added technology or data.

Modernization is the key to remaining globally competitive by adapting to changing technology. With modernization, you can decrease downtime due to equipment failure and receive insight into your production data which your current system may be unable to generate.

Frakes Engineering's Roadmap to Modernization:

control system migration roadmap








Modernization Strategies and Services

  • Phased migration
  • Complete replacement
  • Lifecycle Plans
  • Legacy System Support


Control System Migration and Modernization Project Profiles:


Additional Information:

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