Functional Machine Safety

What good is risk assessment with risk reduction?

An accident in your facility because of an unsafe machine will cost your organization money, reputation damage and legal ramifications. The problem is that companies fail to make machine safety apart of their culture and unsafe processes and procedures aren’t addressed until it’s too late. At the same time, plant engineers are often scared of having risk assessments done on their machinery because they fear a safety engineer will require them to change their processes possibly leading to slower production.

 Risk Assessments and Remediation by TUV Trained Safety Engineers

Frakes Engineering offers a unique approach to machine safety. We don’t just do risk assessments, we also offer risk reductions. The first step to a safer plant is getting a risk assessment that looks at every possible risk a machine has. After we perform risk assessments on your machinery, we will work with you to come up with a unique machine safety solution aligned to your specific needs and wants. Plant safety doesn’t have to mess up a machine’s functional requirements. Frakes Engineering believes in functional machine safety, which allows plants to be safe without disrupting a machine’s functional requirements. Our passion to relieve machinery risks while keeping functional requirements has helped some plants reduce production time.

Frakes Engineering's Steps to Functional Machine Safety:



Safety Services and Capabilities:

  • Risk Assessments per ISO 12100
  • Machine Hard Guarding
  • Safety Systems designed to ISO, IEC and/or ANSI standards
  • Risk Reductions
  • Functional Machine Safety Engineers
  • Performance Level vs. SIL Testing
  • Safety Lifecycle Planning
  • System Maintenance


Safety Project Profile:

Additional Information:

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