What automation challenges can robotics help you solve?

The never-ending challenge in manufacturing is getting your line to run faster and with better reliability. Manufacturers are also seeing an increasing struggle in finding operators to tend and load machines. It’s no secret that these operators who are loading and unloading machines all day are often plagued by ergonomic-related injuries because of the monotonous tasks they are given.

Frakes Engineering can assess your process and implement a material handling robot that will have your line running faster and with increased production quality. Plants who implement our material handling robot solutions typically see a return on investment within one to two years. While many criticize robotics as taking away jobs, we see plants able to place their operators in new and better positions that help streamline processes.

Robotic solutions increase your line's quality and productivity

Machine tending robots can handle complicated line procedures such as manipulation and transport capabilities. Robots are also capable of multiple process steps in your assembly line such as: pick up part from conveyor belt, transport part to the machine, interact with machine, then remove part and place back on conveyor belt. With speed and reliability, machine tending robots can be programmed to do the most complex processes with the highest degree of quality.

Along with labor savings, the benefits of material handling robot automation include: increased efficiencies, process control, better machine utilization, added quality control, higher production capacity, and flexible use of labor. Investing in technology also helps companies stay competitive and shows their commitment to evolve.

material handling robot benefits

Robotic Solutions for You:

  • Machine Tending
  • Loading and Unloading
  • Pick and Place
  • Material Handling Robot
  • Packaging


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