Network Design and Security

Is your industrial control system secure against threats?

In the past ten years, control systems have evolved from being remote and privately controlled to being converged networks that connect operations to administration and management. While the change in technology has certainly increased communications and made it easier to manage a control system, the change has left systems vulnerable to cyber intrusions whether intentional or not. Network issues aren’t just vulnerabilities for hackers and disgruntled employees to exploit, poorly constructed networks have the ability to shut down your processes and production line. Having a network that is unmanaged can result in poor performance and slow connectivity.

Network Design and ICS Cybersecurity solutions for you

Frakes Engineering is a leader in industrial network design and security (ICS Cybersecurity). Our network engineers have helped plants recover from shutdowns, properly manage their networks and fend off cyber intrusions. Our ICS cybersecurity services start with performing a network assessment then developing a custom network architecture design that will give you reliability, security and a plan in case disaster occurs.

Network assessment and vulnerabilities calculations provide you with information and data about your network, but are pointless if you do not reduce the risks to your system. When it comes to securing your network, there are many different approaches you can take.

No industrial control system is the same, so every network security solution needs to be unique to the organization. Frakes Engineering will work with you to create the best plan of action to address your needs and reduce threats. With vast experience in industrial IT and ICS cybersecurity, we suggest plants utilize virtualized machines, managed network switches, and a combination of defense-in-depth strategies to mitigate network risks and vulnerabilities. We also believe plants need to have a disaster recovery plan in place so a disruption of service only costs a few hours of downtime.

Frakes Engineering's ICS Cybersecurity Strategy:


Frakes Engineering's ICS Cybersecurity Strategy

Defense-in-Depth Strategies and Services:

  • Network Assessments and Remediation Plans
  • Virtualization
  • Managed Network Switches
  • Unified Threat Management System
  • Firewalls
  • Patch Management
  • Physical Security
  • Network Policy
  • Disaster Recovery Plans


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