I&C Calibration

Is it time for your annual calibration services?

Having the right data available to monitor process operations can mean the difference between maintaining normal operations and disaster. This is why plants are held to regulated standards for the maintenance and inspection of their instrumentation. Failure to calibrate your instrumentation can lead to fines and other sanctions against you and your plant.

Frakes Engineering can keep your data coming in accurately with annual instrumentation and controls calibration services. Whether it’s an open channel flow meter, a differential pressure transmitter or a chlorine analyzer, our experienced service technicians have seen it all, and have the knowledge to fix it, calibrate it, or replace it.

Proper instrumentation calibration services involve being able to provide documented proof that an instrument has been tested and calibrated with test instruments that have been calibrated to national standards, like those established by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). All our equipment has been calibrated to NIST standards to ensure the systems worked on will repeatedly and reliably run. The engineers and technicians at Frakes Engineering can provide calibration services for systems that have been found to be out of compliance providing clients with turnkey solutions to their instrumentation needs.

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