Food and Beverage

Food and beverage Manufacturing

The Problem:

A lot has changed in the food and beverage manufacturing industry in the last few years. Now more than ever, consumers are demanding that their food and beverage is made healthy and organically. Consumers expect to know what is inside of the food they are eating and where that food came from regionally. Additionally, recent events have shown that food and beverage companies face more repercussions from product recalls.

The Solution:

Frakes Engineering understands that food and beverage manufacturing calls for a control system that is consistent and reliable. With tight regulations, everything must be documented and tracked through production to eliminate risks.  We’ve worked with well-known food and beverage manufacturers giving us the experience to help you define and document compliance regulations. We can help you manage your recipes so each batch tastes as good as the last. We also offer batch management services to track your production output so a product recall doesn’t destroy your business.

What we can do:

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