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Frakes Engineering has the experience to discover, design, deploy and demonstrate an automation solution that solves your control system problems. While other system integrators claim to work in all industries under the sun, we choose to serve the industries we know and understand the most. We are focused on meeting the current demands of each of these markets while using the latest technology in automation solutions to your competitive advantage.

Frakes Engineering brings control system integration expertise combined with firsthand plant floor experience and deep industrial IT understanding to provide automation solutions to the automotive, water and wastewater, paper and pulp, food and beverage, metals, glass and plastics, and pharmaceutical markets. Our talented staff of engineers specializes in the design and implementation of PC/PLC based open-architecture Supervisory Control & Data Acquisitions (SCADA) systems.

Here are the industries we serve:

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water and wastewater
Food and beverage Manufacturing
Paper and Pulp Manufacturing
metals, glass and plastics manufacturing
pharmaceutical automation

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